About Us

AirbornBaby is an Australian family business that designs and manufactures useful products for mothers and babies.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought to yourself “there really should be something out there to help me in this situation"?  Well, that's exactly how Airborn was formed.....

We were at the airport with our young family, waiting for our flight to Spain. We decided not to take our regular feeding pillow with us as it was too big and bulky to fit into our suitcase and would be a major inconvenience to carry around.
Like most malls, the airport has a feeding room, very convenient but unfortunately there are no pillows to rest baby on. Mum and baby simply could not get comfortable and baby was becoming more and more distressed at not being able to feed on demand. That's when we had our light bulb moment. A portable pillow was much in need, something that took up minimal space in the luggage, was easy to use, supported baby and was light to carry.

We have since added hypo-allergenic bamboo blankets to the product list. The Bamboo blankets are super soft, nice and cosy and are extremely useful during the newborn phase to keep your baby feeling snuggled up. The blankets don’t collect any dust and are machine washable.

Located in beautiful Bondi in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

After four long years of designs, prototypes and peer reviews The AirbornBaby Feeding pillow became a reality

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