How do I set up the Airborn feeding pillow for the first time ?
For the first time open the strap, unroll the pillow and open the valve. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then blow into the valve. Keep blowing until it has reached your desired level of firmness. Make sure you close the valve to keep the air in. 
Please Note : Leave the pillow for 24 hours or overnight for best results before you deflate and roll it. By doing this you are pre setting the pillow, the more you do this, the more your pillow will remember how you like to use it.
Do I always have to blow in the Airbornbaby nursing pillow to inflate it ?
No. That is the uniqueness of the Airbornbaby, it self inflates ready for use. You only need to blow into the valve the4 fist time to set the firmness, once this is done your pillow is ready for use.
Can the firmness be changed?
Yes, that's why our customers love the Airbornbaby nursing pillow. You can adjust the firmness as many times as you like. This makes it so easy to adjust the pillow to suit your body during feeding. It also makes it so easy when you baby grows so if you ever need to adjust the pillow simply follow the instructions for first time use. 
Can I wash my airbornbaby nursing pillow?
Yes, the Airbornbaby feeding pillows wash well in the washing machine.
Machine wash separately, warm, delicate cycle, 30 degrees (ensure valve is closed)
  • Colours may bleed. Do not bleach. Colours may fade after washing.
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Hang dry.
  • Don't forget to close the valve before washing
Or simply wipe clean with a wet towel or baby wipe. Any antibacterial wipes or baby wipes can be used on the pillow for an instant clean. This enables your pillow to be hygienic at all times. 
Will it take me long to deflate? 
No Airbornbaby deflates really quickly. Open the valve, push out the air and roll up. The more you do it, the quicker it becomes. There is no specific time as it is as quick as you are at rolling it up. 
How do I adjust firmness or change what I originally set it to?
To adjust firmness you can blow in the valve to make it harder/firmer.
To make it softer, release air by opening the valve. Push out some air by pressing on top of the pillow gently a few times and then close valve again.
Is the Airbornbaby feeding pillow good for bigger breasted woman? 
It's perfect for woman no matter what size her breasts may be. This is because it can be set as high or low as you wish and can be set so that it's perfect for your body. Some of our customers whose breasts become rather large during feeding say that they couldn't have managed without their Airbornbaby nursing pillow as it really helped with support, the latch on and their comfort.
Is the Airbornbaby feeding pillow good to use at the hospital ? 
We advise to take it in your hospital bag. It is compact and lightweight and will fit easily in you bag. The midwives can help you use it correctly to support your baby and you with position and latch. You and your baby can be comfortable from the beginning. 
Is the Airbornbaby feeding pillow heavy?
No, it's very light. You won't notice it in your luggage, change bag, under your pram or even hanging on your pram. It can easily be taken everywhere you go.
When should I inflate my Airbornbaby feeding pillow?
Every time your baby needs/wants a feed. It is advised that if you know your baby is due for a feed, you should inflate it a little before and leave it set up. This is because even though 30 seconds is a very short time for it to self inflate, 30 seconds may feel like a very long time when you have a crying baby ready for a feed. For example, if you are in a park or a cafe and know your baby is going to need a feed soon, inflate your pillow beforehand so that's it's ready instantly when you need it. 
What happens if my Airbornbaby feeding pillow gets a puncture? 
A puncture is very rare but it could happen. As a bonus Airborn decided to include a repair kit with every pillow to ensure that no mum is ever without her pillow. So, if you get a puncture, included in your airborn pillow carry bag is a repair kit. If you need to purchase another repair kit please visit the website www.airbornbaby.com.  

Airbornbaby Feeding Pillow Instructions

Only blow once to set firmness  then the pillow will re-inflates itself
  • Release the velcro strap so that the valve is on the left hand side.
  • Turn the valve anti-clockwise and leave to self-inflate for appro 30 seconds.
  • Blow into the valve until you reach the desired level of firmness.
  • Close the valve.
  • Wait a minimum of two hours before rolling up the pillow.
Your portable self-inflating feeding pillow is now set.
  • Simply unroll the pillow and turn the valve. Pillow will expand to your desired level of firmness.
  • To change the level of firmness repeat steps for first time-use.