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'Loving my airborne pillow. It's light, easy to use and fits like a glove. Easy to carry with me when out and about but also love using it at home'
Toni, mum of 3. 
20 oct 2015

I really thank you for your help. The pillow is fabulous and Ilana very happily shows her friends how useful she finds it. Especially for the bigger busted mum.
Thanks again.
Loraine, bought pillow for daughter as present
7 feb 2016

I was given the Airborn as a present and would never have thought to buy it for myself but I can honestly say I can't live without it!
Jacky, first time mum
8 feb 2016

I'm LOVING my pillow. It is great. So comfy for Bub and easy to use. Thanks again so
much x
Lani, mum of 3
9 March 2015

The airbornbaby pillow is so convenient. Deflated it is so small and compact you can to take it out with you to support the first few weeks of breastfeeding! It self inflates too which makes it easy to use. The wipedown fabric means it is easy to keep clean unlike other feeding pillows I have used xx
Sara, mother of 2.
18 feb 2016

I found the airbornbaby pillow really useful as a breastfeeding mum with a newborn. So light and easy to blow up, my baby was secure whilst I felt comfortable using it.
Gene, 1st time mum
23 feb 2016

The airborn Pillow was exactly what i needed. For me, breast feeding without a pillow was a challenge. Before the airborn Pillow I would make sure I fed before I left the house or would leave places early to make it home to feed. Now with the pillow I am able to feed any where at any time. It has made all the difference to the experience. I love my pillow. It fits perfectly under my pram and the bag evebt had enough room for my feeding cover. I never leave home without it!
Ilana, mum of 1.
24 feb 2015